[ BAM ] We care for your instrument



Clean up the case

The outside of a Hightech case

Swipe your case with a microfiber cloth and a soft window-cleaner spray.


Get rid of the scratches on a Hightech case

Gently apply a car scratch remover with a soft cloth


The inside of the cases

Humidify a cloth with a little bit of stain remover lotion/spray and gently rub the stain with it.


The outside of a fabric cover case

Humidify a cloth with a little bit of stain remover lotion/spray and gently rub the stain with it. Make sure to leave your case open a few hours after this process to evaporate completely the stain remover.


How to extend the life of a zipper

A zipper slider is made to open and close the teeth of the zipper. Be sure that the zipper is completely unzipped before opening the case to prevent damage to the teeth. The slider is designed to slide back and forth along the zipper. Therefore, you should not pull upward on the slider because it will loosen its jaws and eventually make the slider too loose to close the zipper properly. This is usually the first sign of a worn zipper and you should adjust it as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

To stop this problem, you can tighten the back of the slider with a set of pliers. Open the zipper all the way before starting so the slider is touching the material of the cover.

Lightly clamp the pliers along the side of the slider and press down. Make sure to apply the most pressure to the back of the slider. Be careful not to apply too much pressure at first. Use light pressure a few times until the slider is tight enough to slide along the zipper and properly close the teeth.


My zipper is broken

2 situations : 
- no missing or broken teeth : Change of the zipper pulls in our workshop
- broken or missing teeth : change of the whole cover in our workshop


How to extend the life of a soft-touch latch

The inside mechanism of the latch is a compression spring system. These latches are the best in quality and longevity, but need a little care to maintain easy use: When they seem to be a little difficult to open and close, a drop of oil or a silicone-based lubricant will help. Then open and close the latch a few times to work the lubricant through the mechanism and the latch will be easier to use.


BAM Security hooks

These hooks have been developed by a manufacturer of mountain climbing equipment especially to answer our demand. Their security screw system is extremely secure only if the locks are completely tightened before using them, as a hiker would do before climbing. Make sure to check the locks regularly and tighten them as needed before using the case. Without secure tightening, this system would not be any better than a regular hook.

To ensure optimum security, we recommend to place the hook with the screw facing out. Scratches and friction on the shell are therefore also reduced


Keep your Hightech case away from heat

The cases that are made of ABS are thermoformed thanks to an hightech industrial material allowing constant regularity and quality in the finish. Nevertheless, the manufacturing process is simple: the ABS sheet is softened and molded with heating panels and takes the contoured shape of the instrument. The material is then cooled to keep its new shape. In the automobile industry, many parts are manufactured this way (i.e. bumpers).

- To prevent any distortion and to be able to easily open and close the case, we advise you to close and fasten all of the latches on the case when it is not in use. This step will keep the seal's airtight and waterproof design in good shape for better long term protection of your instrument.

- Spot lights give off a lot of heat, as the sun would do if it was shining through a window. We advise you to keep your case away from such sources of heat to avoid the risk of distortion of the ABS material.