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Thermoformed shells

Thermoformed shells

The thermoforming techniques developed by Bam to manufacture the shells of the cases call for very reliable industrial processes allowing great regularity in the production results.


The "Classic" : Single layer ABS


  • Extremely strong
  • Very resistant against shocks and puncture
  • Textured or sleek look


The "Newtech": Double layer structure with an airex / PVC foam skeleton


  • ABS outer layer with an anti-scratch PMMA film
  • Great rigidity of the case allowing easy opening and closing
  • Light weight and resistant against shocks


The "Hightech": Triple ply structure with full airex / PVC foam core


  • Ultra-light weight
  • Extremely rigid
  • Excellent resistance to shocks and temperature changes



The BAM seal 

Each of the thermoformed case from Bam is equipped with a rigid PVC "male/female" seal. Shaped under heat, this seal ensures a hermetic closing and contributes to the rigidity of the case when it is closed.