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Where can I find your cases and how much do they cost?

As a manufacturer, we do not sell directly to musicians, only to luthiers and music shops. Therefore, you will have to contact your local dealer to place an order and/or inquire about prices. In addition, we advise you to purchase your case locally, since all maintenance and repair services are being provided through the dealer you purchased the case from. If your regular dealer does not carry Bam cases, he is welcome to contact us to set up an account. No minimum quantities required.

Where can I find stock of your cases?

We do not know the level of stock of our dealers. 
If you can not find the case you're looking for at your local dealer, he can certainly contact us to order it for you.

Do you custom-make cases?

We do not make custom cases because we work from molds, and need to be able to make series from it.

Can I put my case in the cargo hold of a plane without risk?

All our cases are intended to give the best possible protection to the instrument for the everyday commute and use. Nevertheless, we do not recommend to put any of them (except for the Flight Cover) in the cargo of a plane since it is a completely different use and risk. Even if our cases offer excellent protection, they are not intended for rough and unsupervised handling*. If you still use your case for air travel, please remember to protect it with thick layers of bubble-packaging for example, before gate-checking it.

* Our warranty does not apply for damages occurred in such circumstances. Should you meet such problems, we advise you to file a claim with the airline company right away.

Do you provide maintenance?

Should you need maintenance (repair of your case, replacement of some parts), please contact the dealer you purchased the case from, or your local dealer. He will be able to asset the work to be done and get in touch with us to check if your case needs to be sent back to our workshop or not. If not, in most case, we can send him the replacement parts to proceed to the repair in-house.

How can I change my combination lock code ?

Combination Lock - Left and Right

The combination lock is factory set at "0-0-0".


To set your personal code:

1. First open the lock

2. Hold the pusher in the open position to keep the metallic tongue inside the locking mechanism down

3. Turn dials to desired combination

4. Release the pusher to set your new combination

5. You can now close the clasp

6. Turn the dials and your lock is closed


Important Notes:

1. Make sure you remember your code

2. It is possible to change your code as often as you like by repeating the above procedure step by step

3. WARNING: Be careful!  It is easy to inadvertently turn one of the combination dials with your finger while the latch is in the open position, creating a new combination that you have not chosen, without noticing.  Your BAM case will be locked and you will have to find your new combination randomly...not a fun situation

I am a luthier / I own a music shop and I would like to sell your cases, what should I do?

Vous êtes en France à contactez Bam SAS en France : france@bamcases.com
You are in Canada, Mexico or in the USA à contact Bam France in the USA : usa@bamcases.com
You are in Asia, Africa, Middle-East, Australia, Europe, South America, Central America à contact Bam's export service in France : export@bamcases.com

Do you supply cases with geo-tracking device ?

Several chips and GPS devices are available on the market, and they will surely fit our cases. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information.